Free Movie Ideas for Hollywood

I’ve chosen to share the following ideas for films. These creations are available with an Open-Source-Public-Media-Commons-Credit-Liberty license basis. They should add some new value and revitalizationism to the industry.

It's time for new thinking!
It’s time for new thinking!

1) Batman. This is a film based on the popular film series. Bruce Wayne is an eccentric, freaky rich guy who can’t get over his parents’ murder and must dress up in a costume and fight criminals, often using interesting technology. He can have a futuristic car and there should be a good amount of impressive explosions. To add new life to the project, a respectable but young/handsome actor should play him.

2) Yahtzee. In a slam bang race against time, a band of friends must roll the dice (literally) and attain the right numbers to stop a global catastrophe brought on by a madman. One guy is trusted to write down the score, but he is later revealed as a mole. Eventually they win, but first two of them (who initially hated one another) fall in love and bang. Killer soundtrack.

3) How I Met Your Mother. This is a movie based on the TV show of the same name. It takes place after the show wraps up its story this year. It’s pretty much whatever people love about that show, but with high stakes where the guy who met the mother almost loses the mother but gets the mother back at the end. There should be a big song/dance number highlighting the awesome talents of Neil Patrick Harris.

4) Batman. This is the same as the first idea, but with new villains and actors, and a new creative team at the helm.

5) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This movie is adapted from an old book, which over the years I’m told many people have read—it should be advertised so. There should be actors in it  known for giving great, serious performances. The beginning of the Wikipedia article, I think, said the main characters were Huck and Jim. They should be played by Jaden Smith and Daniel Day Lewis. It should be a big awards movie.

6) Batman vs. Batman. This is similar to ideas 1 and 4, but with the added twist that Batman must fight himself, both figuratively and literally. To explain that, it could be a clone or a doppelgänger or something—figure it out, writers! It can be a sequel to one or both of the earlier ideas.

So get to work, Hollywood! We here at will look very forward to seeing these movies turn up in our local theaters!

Image courtesy of 1989 Warner Bros’ press kit for Batman.

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