CatSounds Episode 3: Catmeo, or Cameow, or Why Puns Must be Banned

This week:
1. Self-checkout artist foiled at Costa Mesa Target
2. The practical things that must change to end police abuses—the drug war, qualified immunity, and police unions.
3. There’s nothing on TV.
4. Cameo, an app with some pretty exciting possibilities, including my trial run with Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
5. Cat Horoscopes: Fancy, 1.5 year-old gray tabby.

CatSounds Episode 1: You Ain’t a Cat

Episode One: You Ain’t a Cat

In this week’s episode, I discuss

1) Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox Divorce.
2) The 2020 Presidential Election
3) Quibi: the streaming service for people who hate TV
4) The odd commercial peak of bands like The Grateful Dead and Heart in the 80’s.

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