Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 4—Where They Tear Down All the Old Casinos

Back to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 How much money would you trust this person with? United Artists had recently needed to answer that question not just for Cimino, but also as it applied to Martin Scorsese. The director had begun work in 1979 on what endures as one of his masterpieces: 1980’s Raging Bull. […]

Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 3—Hell’s Gate, or… Orson Welles that Ends Well, or not

Next: Part 4 here… back to part 2… or back to part 1 How much money would you trust this person with? That was the question facing United Artists as they undertook to begin production on Heaven’s Gate. The studio, which had been founded by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks in 1919 […]

Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 1—Adventures in the New Hollywood

Scorsese typically loses at the Oscars, and the awards for Best Picture and Director which Scorsese secured for 2006’s The Departed were almost certainly conciliatory for the many great films he made during the prior three decades. But this year is different.

Step by Step Oscar Night Recap: I Didn’t Watch

In my home of Los Angeles, Oscar mania has been raging for over a week. It’s been practically raining stars! But literally raining rain, for several days. Both phenomenons were making driving more difficult in Hollywood, and it all led up to last night’s broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards! Who would win? Who would […]