Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 2—In the Sights of The Deer Hunter

Next: Part 3 here… part 4… or back to part 1 How much money would you trust this person with? For Clint Eastwood in 1974, the answer to that question was $4m. Eastwood’s Malpaso Productions trusted Cimino, who had cowritten Eastwood’s Magnum Force a year prior, to direct the actor and costar Jeff Bridges in Cimino’s first […]

My Childhood Correspondence with Marvel Comics

As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a brilliantly talented comic book artist and writer. I spent much of my free time—as well as plenty of spoken-for time that was owed to schoolwork—drawing characters and developing stories around them. When I wasn’t creating comics I was reading them, and Spider-Man (across all his comic iterations […]