Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 2—In the Sights of The Deer Hunter

Next: Part 3 here… part 4… or back to part 1 How much money would you trust this person with? For Clint Eastwood in 1974, the answer to that question was $4m. Eastwood’s Malpaso Productions trusted Cimino, who had cowritten Eastwood’s Magnum Force a year prior, to direct the actor and costar Jeff Bridges in Cimino’s first […]

Scorsese, Marvel, and Oscar: Part 1—Adventures in the New Hollywood

Scorsese typically loses at the Oscars, and the awards for Best Picture and Director which Scorsese secured for 2006’s The Departed were almost certainly conciliatory for the many great films he made during the prior three decades. But this year is different.